Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Portholme Update

The Chairman apologises for not giving any updates for a while (and for not providing a summary of the 31 March Meeting).  In brief....

The 31 March Meeting was attended by 14 existing Friends and two new Friends.
John Rea reported that the Wardens (Fisheries Keepers) were all 'up and running', with a few problems already dealt with successfully (including help from PCSOs).  LAA have provided two mobile phones for reporting problems (eg camping), they are:  07587 322423 or 07884 724525
LAA were very happy with the progress made.  An issue for the LAA is the repairs to the bridge to Alconbury Island by 'Old Garkies Mill' - it should provide vehicle access.
Both Brampton and Godmanchester in Bloom continue to be keen and supportive of the Friends and Anglia in Bloom are already aware of the example it sets for local involvement and collaboration.
The Chairman offered to attempt to clarify the complicated ownership etc in a new map (see earlier post).
The next event would probably be a guided walk and the next meeting would probably follow a meeting with Natural England .....

The meeting with Natural England was on 15 May and involved the Chairman of LAA and Justin Tilley who has responsibility for all the local SSSIs.  Justin was very supportive of the Friends and of the way in which LAA approach their stewardship of our wonderful SSSI.  Unfortunately Alexanders, who act as Land Agents for the LAA, were unable to attend but they are fully involved with the management and protection of the Meadow and are currently working on proposals for a higher level of Countryside Stewardship.
The possibility of the Friends providing working parties was discussed.  Until Justin has done a proper survey of the site it is difficult for him to know what we may be able to do - but the offer was definitely noted by Natural England.

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