Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Wildlife Update

From Phil Rothwell on 1st May: Common Terns arrived back on the river on 22nd April Swallows in small numbers on the 23rd April plus two house martins by the railway bridge on the 24th. Skylarks were doing well but the flood will have caused first nests to be lost but thankfully in the third of the Meadow with least dense population.  Corn Buntings are active and probably about three pairs although one was in the flooded area. Chiffchaffs, whitethroat and black cap singing on Saturday 28th  by the lock and a kingfisher by the marina.. Swifts over head last night - 30th . One Little Egret on may day morning by the railway bridge. A Tawny Owl was sitting outside the owl box in Island Hall garden in early April but now seems to have been displaced by stock doves. Some Swans, moorhens and coots nests lost to the flooding and high river levels.

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